Alan Shalloway

Keynote May 8th:

What’s Next in the Agile World – The Need For Lean


Alan Shalloway will discuss what looks to be next on the horizon. While Scrum continues to be the most popular of the Agile methods, it appears to have reached the limits of its capabilities as companies attempt to adopt it in both larger and more diverse development efforts. Hear Alan discuss why a new paradigm of Agile, within the context of Lean-Thinking is necessary for the industry to adopt Agile methods in larger and more complex development projects in order to achieve Enterprise Agility.

Achieving Enterprise Agility requires an organization to:

  • Have an effective product portfolio management team
  • Have effective teams using either iterative or Kanban methods to build the selected product enhancements
  • Have proper use of acceptance test-driven development to ensure the right code is being built the right way

Alan will also discuss different transitions paths available to companies attempting to become Lean-Agile Enterprise.

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Lean Day May 6th Presentation:

Redefining Lean: Creating a Model to Understand Product (and Software) Development


Lean is attributed to having been created by Toyota. Building on Deming’s theory of systems and people, Toyota added the concepts of Just-In-Time and Autonomation along with the profound insight that inventory was waste, not an asset. Toyota further extended Lean with a culture of continuous process improvement. While many organizations are attempting to emulate Toyota’s success with Lean, it is a difficult path to take – unfortunately, most organizations are not up to it. But that does not mean they can’t take advantage of what Toyota has accomplished.

In this talk, Alan Shalloway presents two ways to look at Lean. The first is the entire package – Lean as a thought process, a culture, a way for an organization to be. The second is just the thought process – that is, how to use Lean to solve problems. Alan presents the case that Lean-Thinking can be used to solve many problems that face all organizations. Lean-Thinking does not require an organization to become Lean, but gives the people involved more tools to become more effective.

How fundamental Lean concepts such as fast-flexible-flow, utilization theory, minimizing work in process, and focusing on time issues more than productivity issues work together is presented. This enables a model to be created that is useful for applying Lean-Thinking at an Enterprise or Team level. An understanding of this model directly helps practitioners of Kanban and provides insights to other not-explicitly Lean Agile methods, such as Scrum.

Participants will leave with an understanding of how Lean-Thinking can be a problem solving method in many different contexts.

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Alan Shalloway

Alan Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Net Objectives, Inc. With almost 40 years of experience, Alan is an industry thought leader, trainer, and coach in the areas of Lean Software Development, The Lean-Agile Connection and using Design Patterns in agile environments. He is a popular speaker at prestigious conferences worldwide and the primary author of ‘Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design’. His firm provides fully integrated Lean-Agile training, consulting and coaching solutions for business, management, teams, and individuals as well as a complete set of technical training to support these services.