Alina Hsu

Lean Day May 6th:

Lean Beyond Software Development


Lean principles can be applied to projects other than software development. IT organizations typically need to deploy a variety of commercial software systems, such as HR and Accounting systems, portals, and line-of-business packages. I will (1) present a case study of the selection of an HR system for a small to medium sized business, (2) show that a lean approach to this sort of project can save time and effort, and improve solution quality, (3) discuss challenges we encountered and their resolution, and (4) suggest a generalized structure for lean project management for non-software-development projects.

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Alina Hsu has an undergraduate degree from MIT and a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology from NYU. She has worked in many capacities in law firms, universities, and in the public sector. Her professional interests include process improvement, business-IT alignment, lean methodologies, and all aspects of business and technology architecture.