Alisson Vale

Kanban Day May 7th Presentation:

Practical Experiences and Tools Applied to a Kanban Sustaining Engineering System


The Kanban ideas have been changed not only the way we sustain and evolve our products, but also the way we operate our business. They’ve changed our working system at the level of paradigm, generating a tremendous potential of leverage by continuously transforming our way to manage and execute our technical operations. This presentation will show you how we applied these ideas at Phidelis Technologies, a software development company in Brazil dedicated to create software solutions for the educational segment, mainly the one formed by big universities and medium-size schools. At Phidelis, we are using a whole set of open-source tools that help us to delivery features and services, while an electronic Kanban board give us full visualization and control of the working in progress. This board became our central source of information about the process and a great visual representation of what is going on a daily basis. It allows us to get instantaneous indicators about the health of the process and the state of the system. Average cycle times, use of resource, inventory levels, multi-tasking overheads, and others indicators are intensively used to manage the process. The talk will focus on the demonstration of tools and techniques that we used to create our pull-system and to optimize all the value chain, including services and support operations. In this session participants will also know about: what we are doing to organize scope (what) and priorities (why) in function of time (when); the strategies that we have been using to reduce variability and smooth the flow in our process; experiences in trying to create mutual trust relationships with customers while they are competing for your project resources and how we are trying to apply Kanban and Lean concepts to address this problem; the engineering practices and release management issues and how they deeply influence our process; how Kanban has been important in helping us to get a better understanding of what-we-do, why-we-do and how-we-are-doing. All topics will be discussed in the context of the tooling set that we are using to implement Kanban. There will be a quick demo of these tools at the end.

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Alisson Vale

Alisson Vale is founder of Phidelis Technologies. With more than 15 year of experience with software development and at least 8 years leading and coaching software projects, he is an Agile enthusiast in Brazil, where he has a strong level of participation by writing articles, doing presentations and debating on discussion forums. Today he is a technical coach and Project Leader at Phidelis, where a lot of ideas and techniques are constantly challenged and applied in real world scenarios.