Corey Ladas

Lean Day May 6th Presentation:

Scrumban: Lean Thinking for Agile Process Evolution


The popularity of the Scrum method of Agile project management is largely due to its ease of adoption. In Lean terms, Scrum organizes product development resources into workcells and imposes constraints on batch transfers of work requests, while leaving other concerns to complementary methods. The Scrumban method builds on these simple Scrum practices in order to introduce pull, flow, standard work, throughput metrics, and continuous improvement to the Scrum framework, while also reducing the overhead associated with planning batch transfers. Scrumban aims to reduce cycle time for new feature development, and establish a kernel of flow which can expand along the length of the product development value stream. Scrumban breaks its practices into a sequence of evolutionary enhancements, so that teams can improve their processes according to their needs and capability. Scrumban allows new teams to start with Scrum as a simple starting point for Lean development, or it allows existing Agile teams to improve their processes by making Lean methods more easily available.

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Corey Ladas

Corey Ladas has been an enthusiastic student of software engineering methodology since the early 1990’s. Encouraged by the cross-disciplinary advancements of the Design Patterns movement and the eclectic approach of Steve McConnell’s Rapid Development, Corey went off in search of unconventional inspiration from the worlds of systems engineering, industrial engineering, and product development. Lean Thinking is one of Corey’s favorite discoveries from that process, and he has been experimenting with Lean methods in software development since the early 2000’s. Corey edits a popular Lean software development blog, and provides consulting and coaching services through