Peter Middleton

Lean Day May 6th Presentation:

Lean Software Development: achieving better requirements


Agile approaches help by acknowledging the uncertainty and noise that surrounds software development projects. Their solution to this is evolutionary or emergent development. The question now is how can we improve on this? How to make the requirements process more objective and rigorous? The presentation suggests that a lack of rigorous requirements data can lead to sub optimisation and solutions that lack end customer focus. The next wave is to understand why customers interact with the organisation and then put those interactions under statistical process control. The evidence available for the strength of this approach is substantial.

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Dr Peter Middleton MBA is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland. His PhD in Software Engineering is from Imperial College London. With James Sutton he co-authored the book: ‘Lean Software Strategies’ which explored the application of lean ideas to software development. His current work is on putting customers’ interactions with an organisation under Statistical Process Control (SPC). The SPC data shows precisely the organisational performance customers are experiencing and therefore the current capability of an organisation to deliver its services. Performance gains in the order of 40% are normal when change based on this data is implemented. The proposal is therefore the Agile and Lean methods should evolve to incorporate this technique.